What does CC mean?

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Major Meanings of CC

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What does cc stand for

All Definitions of CC

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of CC in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
CCC C Sabathia
CCC Compiler
CCC.C. Sabathia
CCCOMSEC Custodian
CCCable Channel
CCCable Connection
CCCable Corder
CCCache Coherency
CCCadet Commander
CCCalculated Cost
CCCall Center
CCCall Collect
CCCall Connected
CCCall Content
CCCall Control
CCCalling Card
CCCalling Cost
CCCalthorpe Clinic
CCCalvin College
CCCamera Copy
CCCamp Coordinator
CCCamry Club
CCCanadian Club
CCCanarian Coalition
CCCancer Care
CCCannibal Corpse
CCCannon Companion
CCCanterbury College
CCCape Cod
CCCapital Contribution
CCCapsule Corporation
CCCaptive Carry
CCCar Club
CCCarbon Composites
CCCarbon Copy
CCCarbonaceous Chondrite
CCCard Cage
CCCard Column
CCCardiac Catheterization
CCCareer Counselor
CCCaring Capital
CCCaring Connection
CCCarl Czerny
CCCarlton Cole
CCCarnivorous Carnival
CCCarpet Cleaning
CCCarriage Control
CCCarrier Control
CCCarrier Current
CCCarroll College
CCCarson City, Nevada
CCCase Closed
CCCash Card
CCCash Control
CCCash Credit
CCCash or Check
CCCashier's Check
CCCatalytic Converter
CCCataract, Total Congenital
CCCatholic Central High School
CCCatholic Charities
CCCausa Cognita
CCCause Category
CCCedarville College
CCCelanese Corporation
CCCenter Conductor
CCCenter Console
CCCentimeters Cubed
CCCentimetro Cubico
CCCentral Committee
CCCentral Component
CCCentral Computer
CCCentral Control
CCCentral Controller
CCCentro Comercial
CCCentury Indicator
CCCertificate of Completion
CCCertification Cube
CCCesar Chavez
CCChain Carrier
CCChain Coding
CCChaitanya Charitamrita
CCChallenger Commission
CCChamber of Commerce
CCChampion Communities
CCChange Channel
CCChange Control
CCChange of Course
CCChannel Command
CCChannel Controller
CCChaos Castle
CCChaotic Coding
CCCharacter Code
CCCharge Control
CCCharged Current
CCCharges Collect
CCCheat City
CCCheat Codes
CCCheddar Cheese
CCCheech and Chong
CCChefs Collaborative
CCChemical Control
CCChemical Corps
CCCheshire Cat
CCChet Chad
CCChevaliers de Colomb
CCChevy Chase
CCChicago Cubs
CCChief Clerk
CCChief Complaint
CCChief Counsel
CCChocolate Chips
CCChristian Church
CCChristian Coalition
CCChronic Cough
CCChrono Cross
CCChrono Crusade
CCChurch of Christ
CCCircuit City, Inc.
CCCircuit Client
CCCircuit Current
CCCite Check
CCCitizen Cope
CCCity Clerk
CCCity Confidential
CCCity Council
CCCivic Centre
CCCivil Commotions
CCClaimant Code
CCClan Chat
CCClark College
CCClark County
CCClass Clown
CCClass Commander
CCClassic Cab
CCClear Channel
CCClifford Chance LLP
CCClimatic Change
CCClinical Center
CCClinical Chemistry
CCClock Crew
CCClomiphene Citrate
CCClone Commander
CCClose Captioned
CCClose Combat
CCClosed Captioning
CCClosed Circuit
CCClosed Corporation
CCClosing Code
CCClosing Coil
CCCloud City
CCCloud Cover
CCClow Card
CCCluster Controller
CCCoal Chamber
CCCoalicion Canaria
CCCoarse Control
CCCoast Is Clear
CCCoca Cola
CCCoco Chanel
CCCoco Crisp
CCCocos Islands (country code & Top Level Domain)
CCCocos Islands Country Code Top Level Domain
CCCode Civil
CCCode Control
CCCode of Conduct
CCCodice Civile
CCCogswell Cogs
CCCoherent Combining
CCCoin Collect
CCCold Cathode
CCCold Chemical
CCCollect Call
CCCollege Center
CCCollege Council
CCCollins Consulting
CCColon Cancer
CCColon Classification
CCColor Code
CCColor Compensating
CCColorado College
CCColorado Crush
CCColumbia College
CCColumbia County
CCColumbus Circle
CCColumbus Crew
CCCombat Center
CCCombat Challenge
CCCombat Clothing
CCCombat Coded
CCCombat Command
CCCombat Control
CCCombat Operations
CCCombatant Commander
CCCombatant Craft Crewmember Qualified
CCCombined Cycle
CCComedy Central
CCComercial Castillo
CCComfort Care
CCCommand & Conquer
CCCommand Caller
CCCommand Center
CCCommand Chief
CCCommand Code
CCCommand Conquer
CCCommand Controller
CCCommand Ship
CCCommander's Call
CCComment Code
CCCommerce Commission
CCCommercial Continuity
CCCommissioned Corps
CCCommittee Chair
CCCommon Carrier
CCCommon Cause
CCCommon Client
CCCommon Code
CCCommon Cold
CCCommon Collector
CCCommon Control
CCCommon Controller
CCCommon Controller
CCCommon Criteria
CCCommonwealth Coalition
CCCommunications Center
CCCommunications Central
CCCommunications Closet
CCCommunications Control
CCCommunications Coordinator
CCCommunity Center
CCCommunity Chest
CCCommunity Club
CCCommunity College
CCCompanion of the Order of Canada
CCCompany Commander
CCCompassionate Conservatism
CCCompetence Center
CCCompetent Communicator
CCCompetition Commission
CCCompetitive Category
CCCompilation Control
CCCompiler Construction
CCComplaints Committee
CCComplementary Color
CCComplications or Comorbidities
CCComponent Check
CCComponent Cooling
CCComponent Coordinator
CCComposite Clock
CCComposite Command
CCComposite Component
CCCompression Cache
CCCompression Chamber
CCComputational Component
CCComputer Center
CCComputer Community
CCComputer Controller
CCComputer Crime
CCComputers and Composition
CCComputing Center
CCConcealed Conduction
CCConcord Coalition
CCConcrete Curb
CCConcurrent Copy
CCCondition Code
CCConference Call
CCConfiguration Control
CCConformation Certificate
CCCongestion Controlled
CCConnecticut College
CCConnection Confirm
CCConseil Constitutionnel
CCConseil des Communes
CCConsole Coding
CCConsonant Cluster
CCConstant Current
CCConstant Curve
CCConstantly Consecrating
CCConstituent Code
CCConstitutional Court
CCConstruction Component
CCConstruction Confederation
CCConstructive Criticism
CCConsumer Confidence
CCContact Center
CCContagious Conjunctivitis
CCContaminant Category
CCContinental Counsellors
CCContinuity Cell
CCContinuous Casting
CCContinuous Commissioning
CCConto Corrente
CCContracted Care
CCContrast Color
CCControl Center
CCControl Channel
CCControl Computer
CCControl Console
CCControl Language
CCControlled Circulation
CCContrucción Comparativa
CCConventional Campaign
CCConvolution Coding
CCConvolutional Code
CCConvoy Commander
CCConvoy Commodore
CCCoordination Center
CCCoordinator Council
CCCopie Conforme
CCCopper Citrate
CCCopy Cat
CCCore Client
CCCore Competency
CCCore Component
CCCorn Chip
CCCorner Card
CCCornwall College
CCCorpo Dei Carabinieri
CCCorporate Center
CCCorps de Cadets
CCCorpse Camping
CCCorrado Conforti
CCCorrectional Custody
CCCorrente Continua
CCCorrespondence Chess
CCCorrosion Coupon
CCCorte de Constitucionalidad
CCCost Center
CCCost Control
CCCost Cutting
CCCotton Candy
CCCounting Crows
CCCountry Club
CCCountry Code
CCCountry Coordinator
CCCounty Commissioner
CCCounty Coordinator
CCCounty Council
CCCoupe Cabriolet
CCCoupled Cavity
CCCoupled Channel
CCCoupled Cluster
CCCour des Comptes
CCCourse Change
CCCourse Chart
CCCourtesy Copy
CCCovenant Christian
CCCow and Calf
CCCrack Cocaine
CCCrane Commander
CCCrazy Chicken
CCCrazy Cool
CCCreative Commons
CCCreative Counseling
CCCreatures Community
CCCredit Card
CCCrew Certified
CCCrew Chief
CCCrew Commander
CCCrew Compartment
CCCrew Currency
CCCrimson Chin
CCCris Carter
CCCriteria Check
CCCritical Care
CCCritical Characteristic
CCCritical Count
CCCross Connector
CCCross Country
CCCross Cutting
CCCrosstalk Coupler
CCCrowd Control
CCCrown Colony
CCCruise Control
CCCryogenic Calorimeter
CCCrystal Cathedral
CCCrystal Controlled
CCCubic Capacity
CCCubic Centimeter
CCCubic Convolution
CCCue Cap
CCCult Classic
CCCum Correctione
CCCurb Cock
CCCurrent Condition
CCCursor Control
CCCurtice Cubic
CCCushion Craft
CCCustom Charges
CCCustom Combo
CCCustom Controls
CCCustomer Care
CCCustomer Contacts
CCCustoms Clearance
CCCut Cancel
CCCut Corner
CCCyber Cafe
CCCyber Chat
CCCyber Crime
CCCyclometric Complexity
CCCylinder Capacity
CCCédula de Ciudadanía
CCCódigo Civil
CCcomponent command (US DoD)